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Hey, I'm Tony

I like to make stuff. Unfortunately, I can't draw, sing or play an instrument. But fortunately, I know a thing or two about programming.

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Let me show you, how I like to structure routes inside my Laravel applications into multiple files and how to automate the route registration process.

May 20, 2024Profile photoTony Masek

I finally found the time to swap Pusher for Laravel Reverb. And while locally everything was straightforward, on production I got stuck for a really long time. I managed to make it work and I want to share the solution so that we can utilize this amazing tool such as Laravel Reverb.

May 6, 2024Profile photoTony Masek

Recently I had to run two Inertia.js applications on a single server and both of these applications are using SSR. To achieve this it is necessary to use different ports, but there is a gotcha which can ruin your SEO.

May 5, 2024Profile photoTony Masek
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